& That’s Exactly What This Here Lil Nigga Plans To Do. You Don’t Have To Understand Just Know That I Need To Love Myself Before, During & After Loving Anyone Or Aything Else! I’ll Forever Be First In My Book!
The Struggle Is Real,  If Anybody Tells You Marrige Is Easy. They Sure As Help Lied To You. They’re Full Of Shit.  But If You Love That Person It Makes All The Bullshit Slide Off Like Butter.
On That Note . Good Night .
My God Daughter Has Faith In Me : I Can’t Go In a Church It’ll Burn The Fuck Down LMFAo’ . @daggerinsanity #goddaughter#babysis
You Lying Ass Peice Of Shit .
I Hope It’s Worth It AGAIN .! Yes Bitch You’re In The Picture AGAIN .! Go’Head BabyGurl You Could Never Be Me Not Even On Your Best Day You Greasy Little Troll clone . #fuckasideline#fuckdaniggawitasideline
The Patience I Lack To Achieve This Everyday Is Great . I Find Myself Not Being Able To Persue Such Action 90% Of The Dawm Time ! #pplpissmethefkoff
Umm … . Yupp , Pretty Muchh .!
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